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30+ Years in large scale reverse engineering, marketing technology, discrete event simulation, database design and administration, compilers, distributed computing, graphics, web applications, GUI design, UNIX/Linux administration, scrum teaming and mastering, large scale C++ application development, content management systems, Kubernetes/Docker, GCP Networking and enterprise architecture.


AWS GCP Kubernetes Docker Helm Pub/Sub CloudRun BigQuery OAuth PostgreSQL Mongo SQLite Oracle OOA/OOD SOLID Patterns Enterprise Patterns SimScript Angular TS JS C++ Python SQL JIRA Plugins Java Linux Scripting WordPress OctoberCMS Payment Gateways

Work Experience

Rail Network 3D Panorama Inspection (06/2022 - 10/2022) IronRoad - Consulting engineering company specializing in the simulation
  • Reverse engineered legacy application for "walking" the rail network via 3D panoramas.
  • Architected/implemented ground up multi-user Angular application with Google SSO integration.
  • Optimized GCP cluster, CDN and buckets for cost savings, security and performance.
  • Implemented geography based schema in PostgreSQL, leveraging PostGIS.
  • Integrated with BigQuery for modular hand off of raw panorama data (millions of images).
SmartNetwork Cloud Architect (01/2020 - 12/2022) CN Transportation Services - Working with the rail Network Planning group as part of larger digital transformation of company
  • Architected/implemented Pub/Sub, CloudRun based highly scalable "Pay for Play" simulation system.
  • Architected/implemented routing protocol for fault-tolerant parallel processing of hundreds of simulations at a time.
  • Architected/implemented framework for BigQuery data warehouse.
  • Architected/implemented "data bridge" between legacy enterprise data sources and BigQuery.
  • Designed, optimized and sustained simulation supporting GCP/Kubernetes infrastructure.
  • Lowered costs via managed GCP infrastructure instead of on premise data center.
Train Deployment Simulation (02/2019 - 12/2019) CN Transportation Services - Working with the rail Network Planning group Achievements/Tasks
  • Reverse engineered a legacy DES train deployment simulation engine based on SimScript II.5/III.
  • Architect and core developer on new C++ based DES simulation engine.
  • Architect and core developer for "one click install" WAMP stack providing GUI and engine.
  • Leveraged many COTS frameworks; Boost++, ThreeJS, SQLite, SOCI, Angular/TypeScript.
  • Implemented high scale train movement graphing with video card acceleration in web browser.
  • Provided key business intelligence to executive management via simulation data.
Technical Team Lead (01/2010 - 12/2022) Dehumidified Air Solutions - Provides enterprise level HVAC systems Achievements/Tasks
  • Guided team through agile sustaining of marketing applications and integrations.
  • Architect and core developer for WordPress SSO integration with enterprise OAuth.
  • Architect and core developer for on demand sales video transcription service (AWS + Zencoder).
  • Architect and core developer for WordPress plugins, providing key sales data to sales associates.
  • Architect and core developer for enterprise integration of a Learning Management System.
  • Architect and core developer for integration with external marketing tools (i.e. ActiveCampaign).
Point of Sale Licensed Software Distribution (05/2017 - 03/2019) Precision EFI - Provider of custom tuning software for high performance engines Achievements/Tasks
  • Architect and core developer of multi-user software licensing portal/store.
  • Raspberry PI "Kiosk" software that connects engines via CAN bus to the portal via internet.
  • Development of common (OSI like) framework for communicating with various engines.
  • Designed and implemented PostgresQL schema, with an ORM layer.
  • Leveraged OctoberCMS, JavaScript and PHP to create portal website and RPI kiosk.
Enterprise Tooling & Dev/Ops Avaya (11/2009 - 01/2019) Avaya - VoIP services provider
  • Managed suite of DEV/OPs tools (such as JIRA, Bamboo, Sonar etc).
  • Developed various plugins for DEV/OPs tools to integrate with enterprise.
  • Architect and core developer for enterprise ALM / CMS.
  • Championed scrum and agility.
  • Built out AWS cloud integration.
  • Architect and core Designer of monitoring / reporting and dashboard.
SDE Portfolio Evolution (01/2007 - 11/2009) Nortel Networks
  • Selected and managed corporate design tool sets.
  • Provided technical analysis and recommendations.
  • Managed technical support, patching and deployments for various vendors.
Rogue Wave Technical Prime (08/2000 - 08/2008) Nortel Networks
  • Responsible for managing enterprise relationship with vendor
  • Managed internal web portal for vendor resources
  • Worked with vendor to managing patching and deployment
Team Lead/Developer (10/1995 - 12/1998) Nortel Networks
  • Guided team through technical challenges.
  • Served as core developer and architect of highly scalable backend services.
  • Architect of frameworks for high speed large scale indexing and code parsing.
  • Travelled to India for Pre-Sales engineering.
  • Accountable for several releases of tool sets across the enterprise.
  • Practised agility and 360 feedback.
Internship (05/1993 - 10/1994) Nortel Networks
  • Worked up Motif/X11 GUIs
  • Learned Berkley socket programming
  • Presented at technical conferences
  • Developed data models for large scale reverse engineering


Patent US 6886161 B1 (04/2005 - 04/2005) A method for compressing source code cross reference information as a sparse bitmap.


Professional Scrum Master 1 (09/2018 - 09/2018) Certiļ¬ed by


Master of Applied Science, Computer Engineering (Carleton University) (09/1996 - 09/2002) Bachelor of Systems & Computer Engineering, Computer Engineering (Carleton University) (09/1990 - 09/1995) Research Assistant, Computer Engineering (Carleton University) (09/1992 - 09/1993)


Club President Ottawa Inline Skating Club (09/2008 - 09/2009) Worked with club board of directors to organize club activities and operations. At the time, Canada's largest inline club! Webmaster Ottawa Inline Skating Club (09/2006 - 09/2007) Club webmaster, sustained and improved club website.


Royal Canadian Army Cadets (RCAC) (01/1984 - 01/1989) As a member of the RCAC I developed a strong sense of drive and discipline.

Soft Skills

Active Listening Written Communications 360 Feedback Self Directed